In the following books and architecture magazines we have tried to show and prove, through theory and practice, through abstract concepts at the same time that construction of buildings, that Architecture could be a Human Rights, that architecture is a useful tool for Humanitarian Emergency mitigation, and that we can use our methodology Cultural Architecture, developed in the Chilean Patagonia during the 1990s, to approach to the architectural project in different places around the world, specially, in those places where most of the time our profession is absent

Magazine T18, Barcelona

Magazine T18
Barcelona, Spain 2021
ISSN 2014-2145

Foreword: Architecture & Human Rights’ by Jorge Lobos

Jorge Lobos Interviews

Authors Lagos J. Sáez I. Zeis P.

Ed. DosTercios, Concepcion Chile 2016

ISBN 978-956-362-714-5

Interviews to Jorge Lobos about his creation of Emergency Architecture, Architecture and Human Rights, as well as Cultural Architecture and his view about the current moment and Global Challenges of the profession

Sustainable Design 8, Paris

Authors: Marie-Helene Contal & Jana Revedin. Article, Interview, and last projects of Jorge Lobos “Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2019”

Edition Gallimard, Collection Alternatives, Paris VII, 2020

ISBN 9782072 842269

La Cite de l´architecture & du patrimoine

Sardinia: From The Middle Ages To Contemporaneity

Author Luciano Gallinari. Article Jorge Lobos “Cultural Architecture of the Sardinian Territory”

Ed. Peter Lang, Bern · Berlin · Bruxelles · New York · Oxford · Warszawa · Wien. Printed in Germany 2018

ISSN 2296-3537 pb. ISSN 2296-3545 eBook
ISBN 978-3-0343-3518-8 pb. ISBN 978-3-0343-3515-7 eBook ISBN 978-3-0343-3531-7 ePub ISBN 978-3-0343-3532-4 Mobi DOI 10.3726/b14265

Architecture & Human Rights 04

Author Jorge Lobos

Ed. Aracne Editrice Rome 2014

ISBN 978-88-548-5993-7

Architecture & Humanitarian Emergencies 03

Author Jorge Lobos

Ed. KADK Copenhagen 2012

ISBN 978-87-7830-309-7

Architecture & Humanitarian Emergencies 02

Author Jorge Lobos

Ed. KADK Copenhagen 2011

ISBN 9788-778-302830

Architecture & Humanitarian Emergencies 01

Author Jorge Lobos & Maria G. Guillamón

Ed. KADK Copenhagen 2011

ISBN 9788-778-302557

Dibujos 01

Author Jorge Lobos

Ed. Aracne Editrice Rome 2013

ISBN 978-88-548-5744

Toward a Cultural Architecture

Author Jorge Lobos

Ed. Aracne Editrice Rome 2013

ISBN 978-88-548-5828-2

Guide of Architecture & Territory of Chiloé

Author Jorge Lobos

Ed. Junta de Andalucia, Seville Spain 2006

ISBN 84-8095-466-3

Era o Hotel Cambridge, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Author Caffe C

Ed. SESC Sao Paulo 2017

Article “Era O Hotel Cambridge; Um Filme de Eliana Caffe” by Lobos. J

Pág. 265-275

ISBN: 978-85-9493-022-4

Arteoficio 16, Chile

Pandemia y arquitectura

Authors: Jorge Lobos / Eleonora Carrano

Registro Propiedad Intelectual Nº116018
ISSN Versión Impresa: 0717 – 5590
ISSN Versión Electrónica: 0718 – 9362
Escuela de Arquitectura USACH, Santiago de Chile, 2021

Arteoficio 13, Chile


Escuela de Arquitectura USACH, Santiago de Chile 2017

Article: Aulas para refugiados

Author: Jorge Lobos

Terremoto, Mexico
Architecture Alone Will Not Deliver Social Change

Andrea Pacheco converses with Jorge Lobos about architecture as a human right. Mexico City 2018

Manifesto Architecture is a Human Rights

Author: Jorge Lobos+AEIDH Chile, ARCH+H.R. Italy, EAHR Denmark, KADK Denmark, UNISS Italy

Year 2009-2019, Copenhagen, Rome, Alghero, Patagonia de Chile.

Manifesto_summary Pdf.

Revista de Arquitectura 22, Chile

Ed. FAU University of Chile 2010

Article “Architecture and Human Rights. Architecture and Humanitarian Emergencies, 5 cases in 5 places around the world”

Pág. 12-23 DOI: 10.5354/0719-5427.2013.26867

ISSN impreso: 0716-8772

ISSN 0719-5427

Arkitekten 113, Denmark

Ed. Arkitekten forlag Copenhagen 2011

Project “This is not a Home” Lobos J. Juul E.

PAGE 64-65

ISSN 9-779190-365701

Summa 28, Argentina

Ed. Buenos Aires 1988

Project “Two projects in Chiloe” by Jorge Lobos

DB 129 Deutsche bauzeitung, Germany

Ed. Architekten und Bauingenie Sttutgart 1995

Project in Chiloe by Jorge Lobos

ISSN 0721-1902

Casabella 650, Italy

Ed. Casabella Francesco dal Co, Milan 1997

Project Restauration Nercon Wooden Church 1997 by Montecinos H. Berg L. Lobos J. Amenabar

ISSN 0008-7181

Iberoamerican Biennale of Architecture IV, Peru

Ed Madrid Spain 2004

Project House Los Arrayanes (House in Caulin Alto) by Jorge Lobos

Via Arq 17, Spain

Ed. Architecture Association, Valencia 2007

Project “Houses Searching the Sea” by Jorge Lobos

ISSN: 1137-7402

Magazine Design 28, Chile-Argentina

Ed Hernán Garfias Santiago de Chile 1994

Project Ancud Wooden Church by Jorge Lobos

ISSN 0716-9329

Architecture of South 30, Chile

Ed. University of Bio-Bio, Concepcion Chile 2005

Research: Wood Architecture in South of Chile. Cerda G. Lobos J. Rojas E. and others

ISSN 0716-2677

Architecture of South 23, Chile

Ed. University of Bio-Bio Concepcion Chile 1995

Project: Wooden Church of Ancud by Jorge Lobos

ISSN 0716-2677

CA 134, Chile

Ed. Chilean Assosiation of Architects, Santiago of Chile 2008

Article “Changes of teaching and The Role of Architects” by Jorge Lobos pg 42-47

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WA 221, China

Ed. WA Beijing 2008

Contemporary Chilean Architecture Project by Jorge Lobos

Revista de Arquitectura 9, Chile

Ed. FAU University of Chile 1997

Article “Concept and work: Interview to Jorge Lobos”

Pág. 38-51 DOI: 10.5354/0719-5427.2014.30374

ISSN impreso: 0716-8772

ISSN 0719-5427